AWN: Web Toons You Need to See 2008

Rick DeMott y Mo Whelan de han buscado algunas animaciones en la web e hicieron un listado al cual le dieron el nombre: Web Toons You Need to See 2008.
Han seleccionado The Sinners dentro de esas 10 animaciones comentando lo siguiente:

The Sinners (Los Pecadores) by Pablo Polledri
Few films in this year's collection reach the twisted brilliance of Pablo Polledri's The Sinners. The simple setting allows for the demented characters to play out against a well-timed minimal soundtrack. Though the Argentinean animator gives brief subtitles for the English-speaking viewer, his attention to the emotions of his characters makes it easy to decipher the difference between greed, envy, gluttony, wrath, lust, sloth and pride without the need for the translation. If you check out his site, you'll find that his dark sense of irony carries over into all his work

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